Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Golden Alone

This beauty, Philistine, corporeal and untamed.
How tangible.

6.30.09: Ephemeral Sensations

iron ambrosia.
aromatic spice.
Silent placidity,
Perforated shell,
Beauty ephemeral in that dancing flame.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

6.24.09 Gray

Fading light is gray.
In the distance.

Monday, June 15, 2009

6.9.09: My Umbrella

I've run out of sunblock.
I can no longer hide from that poisonous emanation.
My skin will become darker, like leather.
Vitamin D.
I am susceptible to cancer.
I must find my umbrella ella ella.
A happy medium.
My saving grace.
Shade from your radiation.
Sweet peaceful cloud.
I no longer need sunblock.
Disease free.
With He I am Me.

4.22.09: The Lighthouse

Sometimes I dream of a lighthouse.
A light that shines in the night steering me to your Bastille.
That beacon calls me to your presence Mr. Hume.
How long have you suffered alone without the benefit of Our Mutual Friend?
Watching as your hopes and dreams flash before your eyes.
Your hopelessness is constant but not necessarily never ending for I have found you.
Together we can make our own kind of music.
No one else need sing along.
4 f8 will leave your enemy left by the wayside.
Apologizing 15 different ways for his misdeeds.
Consuming 16 slices of humble pie with his afternoon tea.
And those 23 others who ridiculed you will join him 4 tea 2.
That's when our plans will be executed and their desires demagnetized.
Us together in our subterranean lighthouse.
Sharing eternity's amaranthine cycle.

2.14.09: Reverse Mitosis

Be the muse to my artistic expression.
Amuse me with your humor.
Dowse me in your sensuality.
Invade my thoughts with your intellect.
Inspire me.
The formation of a new being, a reverse mitosis.
Your touch a ray of warmth from the sun, a catalyst.
Cascading, becoming one, instead of two.
In thought, in speech, in body.
Separate yet entwined.
Cells merging instead of splitting.
Loves creation.
Its perfect union.