Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Bonds are made to be broken right.
Things are not as they seem.
People do not do as they say.
People are not who they say they are.
Things change, people die and life goes on. I would hate to miss it.
There are so many pressures in life if you let them. Why can’t we be who we are. Impatience is the answer to that one.
It is easier to separate yourself from strangers and acquaintances than family and friends.
Is it strange to go down with the ship.
Why hold tightly to the past. Sure it has helped make you who you are but it also will stifle growth. Comparison is a cancer.
Why am I so easily satisfied and others not.
Why do people make their lives more difficult than living already is.
Why is everything I do considered incorrect.
Why is it not enough. I have always been pushed to be brilliant. I have neglected to live.
I feel as if I am being pushed around by bullies. Life is a pendulum.
I find happiness and joy in so many things, big or small. Does that lessen the strength of my happiness when compared to others. Does it make my happiness less valuable.
When things go wrong why do people exacerbate the problem.
Death is in everything and so is change. Both lack reference.
Only I can force things to be about me.
It’s dog eat dog, every man for himself. The roller coaster never ends, it just enters another loop.
Will we be alive to see it.
Will I ever win.
Knowledge is an escape from feeling the universe. To reside in your head imposing your opinions on the world.
Within frozen ice dwell many shades of blue.
Culture is a cage in which I refuse to be a slave to its intolerance, bigotry and sadness.
I refuse to be a symbol, to conform to that radical norm to terrorize and patronize those who are different from me.
My accepting nature pulls me apart and makes me alien.
There are degrees of ruthlessness. Just because I am not at the top of that tower does not make me weak. It makes me compassionate not altruistic.
Why do we feel as if we must be better than others.
I do not need a reward or recognition for the things I do.
Can a man live without God.