Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11.9.09 Scarlett tutu

Scarlett tutu
Shoes of baby blue
Tip toe around my heart
My precious little dancer
Leotard of pink
Disharmonious black shoes
Your tap tapping is music to my ears
How graceless, how clumsy
How beautiful you dance
My little bit of sunshine
My little bit of hope
Inspiration to my soul
And apple of my eye
Though still but an image in my mind
I am sure I will see you one day
When things are together and stable
for loves everlasting
I can't wait to meet you
I can't wait to teach you
I can't wait to hold your hand in mine
As we dance our silly little dance
both of us divine
You in your scarlet tutu and me in one of wine

10.3.09 Artifice

Onward march
Outward shine
Forward thinking
Backwards time
Superficial lives
bespoke of thine
Love not artifice
Love of mine
Though not regarded
things will be fine
Love and life endures

Monday, November 9, 2009


Oh sweet bed.
How I wish to draw those covers over my head.
And hibernate
until the pain goes away.
But things must be done
and time is of the essence.
It seems I must change for everyone else.
And time that does take
if it is possible at all.
I wish I could hibernate.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


This thing is not how it should be; it should not be this difficult.
Am I not whole?
I feel deprived.
Am I severely lacking or is it not meant to be?
Am I meant to walk this road alone?
Do I know where I should be or am I already there?
Have I always been?
Have I really changed or have I just compromised?
When I turn around all I see is a haze.
Why do I feel as if I am walking backwards?
Dog eat dog.
Beloved adjacent to neglect in this bipolar space.
Leeches surround me.
They try to bleed me dry.
I give too much to these bloodsuckers, these soul extractors.
I should imbibe.
I have no use for spoiled children.