Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Anger precedes me.
I have a good sized family yet I have no support; only criticism.
I have no family.
I tried to create my own but I had no support; only criticism.
I failed.
I have traveled away to another continent.
It was nice but I did not want to stay.
I have traveled to an island.
It was nice but I could not stay.
I have drifted on the tumultuous waves of the crystal clear Pacific.
There I found peace but peace let me go.
I have basked under the rays of the sun but the sun eventually winked it's eye.
I have sat underneath the stars as each turned into black holes before my eyes.
I have walked in the footsteps of the insane until sanity rode in on it's white horse with it's British accent.
What else is next for I have longed to walk in those footsteps again.
Anger supersedes me.
Anger in its constitution and archaic in its form.