Monday, January 12, 2009

10.24.08 Disposable Cups

Why do we treat people like disposable cups?
To fill them up to the brim with our wants, our needs,
just to crumble them up and throw them away when something better comes along.
These cups of different shapes and sizes, made from different ingredients, different molds.
The champaign flutes,
the cups of plastic, of paper,
the bottles, the forty ouncers, the big gulps,
the glasses of martini, of wine,
the mugs, the snifters.
All different yet their purpose the same.
The elixir of life in its chalice, coveted by the greedy.
Your greed will be your downfall.
Sad you won’t realize it until we’re gone.
When you’re all alone.
When you’ve run out of options; out of vessels, out of victims.
Then you’ll wonder:
Why you treated your friends like disposable cups?