Monday, January 12, 2009

6.10.06 Get over Yourself

Okay, what the hell?
I'm trying so hard not to yell.
I was hoping you'd grow up, but inside I already knew; I mentioned this subject in one other blog too.
There you go always pretending I'm not talking about you. Sorry, but this is something I won't accede to.
And I know that you know what I'm saying rings true.
One question I have to ask is: why is it so easy for you to say adieu?
Another question is: why do you continue to lie to yourself and remain oblivious to all the real people around that try to help you accrue all the things you want in life, but steadily do to the bad decisions you've made, you tend to push those who care away for those who are untrue.
This is freakin like deja vu.
Cause you've played this silly game before but I happened to forgive.
Now I'm tired of the game and you've forgotten all the past times I stood by your side.
Therefore, I won't abide and now you must atone and live through all the troubles you brought on yourself....... alone.
Stop being a prude.
Why should your problems be paramount while ours put on a shelf? Just get the hell over yourself!