Monday, January 12, 2009

5.10.08 Inside My Head

no more bullying
enough of dramatics
i did not sign up for any course
oscillation is constant
devoid of emotional commitment to all
it is certain
i am not making it up
it is real
i just do not care
the world still rotates
it is sad that you do not believe
my way is easier
i have tried everyone elses
i have to be true to my ways
i am not closed minded
i am tired
my world is safe
that place for me and the characters i have allowed to be important to me
they do not disappoint
they are always there inside my head
they understand
this dream wonderland
they entertain me
that chimerical space
the anxiety
the anger
the circles of pressure enveloping
clouding the vision
overwhelming heat
inside my head
it is not hard to enter but each entrance has a price
they do not understand why i must enter each time
misunderstanding, misjudged, misconstrued
i will not be their clown
the show is not for free
you are not better
i am not melodramatic
just multifaceted
i listen
do you
does anyone
let me