Monday, January 12, 2009

5.14.06 Always Cold

i walk in the rain while the darkness rejuvenates me
i grow weary of the act it seems
this darkness would scare those who know me, no matter who they be
why can't i feel ashamed of all the laughter it brings
the aphotic depths of the sky holds the power to control
sounds of the night say that life is the thing
we must all pay for living we must all pay the toll
but i have to be me no matter how disheartening
why can't you understand that i don't feel a thing
i can't be there for you, if it's loneliness you bring
why can't you understand that it's not all about you
why can't you understand that it's about all of us too
this unstable relationship, it gets jaded, it gets old
i can't sit here waiting for your epiphany to unfold
don't come to me when you feel the need to be consoled
by then i may be tired of you, i may be tired of being cajoled
sorry, this is me the way that i was made,
always cold
always cold
Always cold.