Monday, January 12, 2009

3.20.07 A Winter's Tale

Crowded places, familiar faces.
Useless chases. Unnecessary wages.
Feelings are contagious.
In a world full of false pages.
Torn and burned.
Fahrenheit 451.
And Then There Were None.
I guess this is just for fun, not for everyone.
Not even for you.
How vanity is your due.
Things not worth it to pursue.
There yet not there too.
Your problems not easy to construe.
The obsession scary to more than a few.
Mom and dad's comments lost in the ether.
Slightly heard over the loud voices of our teachers.
Your fingertips near but too far to grasp.
Ha. Revitalize.
Mopey? Forget your 'by definition'. This could be happy.